Kick Cancer’s Ass!

From the nut jobs that brought you Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K, Hot Buns Run and Sub 30 Virtual 5K (#SUB30V5K) comes the newest virtual race looking to make a positive impact on society.

The Sweet Cheeks Virutal 5K is set to take place between February 14th-16th…February 14th…Valentine’s day…”Sweet” Cheeks…

This event is part of a fundraising effort associated with the Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10 Miler taking place on May 4th in Philadelphia, PA. I will be running with team Running My Ass Off. This team was put together by my good friend Andy Aubin who runs the blog Running My Ass Off. Andy has participated in this event for a few years now and has been such an inspiration and influence for the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation group that they asked him to be a mentor/coach for this upcoming season.

The entry fee is $25. All profits will be donated to the American Cancer Society via DertermiNation. We are looking to raise $10,000 for DetermiNation and this virtual race is a big part of that.

This event is being done just like our previous ones. You pay your entry fee. Some time during the date span you get out and run, walk, job, skip, hop, shimmy, crawl your way over 3.1 miles. Submit your time online and get a cool looking medal and are entered for more of the awesome swag that we always have.

Head on over to Andy’s page to help kick cancer’s ass!

Cancer Sucks

If you have one funny bone in your body you’re going to want to sign up for this just to get the medal…

Sweet Cheeks Logo

So go over to Andy’s page and sign up. This is a great cause! Even if you aren’t able to do the event you can still have an impact. First off, share this event with your family and friends. If you’re on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) please share this. Word of mouth is the best advertising! You can also help out by simply making a donation. Andy has a link for that as well. Thank you in advance for your help!

Happy Running


Honoring a promise (ignoring the fine print)

If you’ve been following along with me at all over the last few months you know I’ve been sharing a lot about the virtual 5K that the running group I belong to was putting on.  The #SUB30V5K.  The main goal of this event was to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project.

My buddy Andy from Running My Ass Off and I have both done a virtual 5K in the past.  He was a big help in doing the Hot Buns Run from earlier this year when I was doing Team in Training for the Portland Marathon.  When we started out on this new one we wanted to go bigger than we each had in the past.  Personally I wanted to hit 200 entries.  Andy proceeded to call me “batshit crazy”!  200 doesn’t seem like many entries compared to a normal race, but when you don’t have much of an existing base to work from and no real “name” behind your event, it can be difficult.  I knew 200 would be a tough, but realistic, goal.

Entering the final week of entries we were sitting at around 150 entries.  I knew we could still get there but we needed to create a buzz.  So I reached out to our running group, and for the first time told them about our goal.  I had always just said we wanted to do the best we could, but if we were going to hit this goal, I knew we all needed to be excited about it.  It didn’t take long for everyone to get on board with the excitement of reaching a goal they didn’t know we were trying to get to.  Most were already surprised at how well we had done.

A couple hours after sharing with everyone, my crazy idea wheel started turning.  I knew that 200 entries would put us close to a $2000 donation to WWP…but not quite get us there.  I checked with Andy (the numbers guy) and he said based on our estimates of expenses, we would need to get to 223 entries.  BINGO…our new target.  I told Andy that I had an idea to get everyone buzzing like we were but he had to agree to it before knowing what it was.  Even though he was reluctant, he agreed (silly, silly man…he knows me better!!)  I posted to our group that we were looking to reach $2000 for our donation and that we needed to hit 223 entries.  I told them that if we hit that mark, Andy and I would shave our heads.  Imagine Andy’s surprise when he read that along with everyone else…including my wife (sorry about that, honey!)  Needless to say, everyone was very excited at this.  I’m still not sure if it was about the huge donation or making us go bald.

Entries were coming in on a consistent basis.  160…170…180…190…  A nice consistent flow that started to trickle down as the hours ticked away.  By Friday, the final day of registration, we were just a couple short of 200.  I still had faith we could get to the original goal of 200 but was having serious doubts about 223.  In the evening we finally hit 200.  Then 201.  And finally took in the last entry of 202.  Andy and are were very excited about the final outcome as we knew 200 entries was a huge gain over either of our previous races.

But all was not lost.  A donor, who wished to remain anonymous, reached out to us.  They wanted to know how close we were to the $2000 goal.  We relayed our numbers to them and they came back saying they would make up the difference that we were missing.  This secured our $2000 donation to The Wounded Warrior Project.  I think if Andy and I had been in the same we would have hugged each other.

We hit our goal we had asked for.  Or did we?  We wanted to hit 223 entries so we could secure the $2000 donation.  We hit the monetary amount but not the entry number. So the question remains, what about the head shaving?!  I’ll let the photos below speak for themselves.









Personally, I kind of like it.  Kind of gives me that is he nice or psychotic look.  As for Andy?  I would suggest going over to his blog and asking him about it.

On a side note, I have not mentioned the beauty and most of the brains behind our event.  Allison Vitt has been an indispensable partner in this adventure!  She created both the shirt and bib for the race.  She is talented beyond words.  Andy are I are forever grateful to her for the work she did but also putting up with our Jr. High humor over the last few months.  We are looking forward to our next adventure together!

Happy Running


Hot Buns Run a total success!

We are putting the final touches on the 2013 Hot Buns Run.  This was my major fundraiser as I work with Team in Training while training for the Portland Marathon.  I could not be happier with the outcome!


Here is a by the numbers breakdown of the event:

84 people signed up for the event.  Of those, 78 we able to complete the race during the designated timeframe.  Unfortunately, we had some people suffering from injuries who were not able to participate but who still helped out.  As a group they logged over 240 miles.  I forgot to keep track but the amount of people who set individual 5K PRs during this event was staggering!  Several people even broke through that elusive 30:00 barrier.  I’m so proud of each of you!  This just shows the hard work you are putting into your training.  Keep it up!

Four different countries were represented.  Canada, New Zealand, Australia and of course the US.

23 states in the US were represented with Texas and Virginia leading the way with 8 entries apiece.

I want to give a special shout out to Jason Miller who is serving overseas in the US military.  Stay safe brother and come home soon!

With the help of these awesome individuals we were able to raise right at $2000 for Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This money will help continue the fight against cancer.

A special thank you to all of the companies who so graciously donated products and/or services for us to give away during this event:  Betty Lou’s, Headsweats, Honey Stingers, Daily Mile, Pro Compression, Body Glide, Spibelt, Allied Medal Display, Shubeez, Gu Energy Labs, Hydrapack, Road ID, Today’s Miles, King Oscar Sardines and Season for Wellness Massage Therapy.  Each of you go out of your way on a daily basis to make the lives of runners as easy as possible.  As runner’s we could not accomplish what we do without your support!  Thank you!

Thank you everyone for helping make this event a tremendous success!

Happy running