The Suckfest that was July

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post. It’s also been about a month since I’ve had anything that even remotely looks like a good training week.

After the Foot Traffic Flat Half on July 4th I basically went on auto pilot. I planned to take the week “off” after that race. Then when I started my next training block my soleus muscle decided to act up. Took about 10 days for me to get a handle on that. Then it seemed like I was dealing with something in my personal life every other day. And every time running took a backseat.

It wasn’t all bad though. Mrs Team Neon and I went for a nice hike up Multnomah Falls on our anniversary.


The end of the month our female offspring came home from Montana for a visit. I brought up the idea of doing the Crawfish Crawl 5K together while she was home and she eagerly agreed. We had a great time running together the entire race. She kept saying how I was embarrassing her as I interacted with race officials and other runners.

Here we are leaving the start line.


Here we are post race.


We had a nice visit with her. Next summer we are planning to go visit her and maybe run the Bozeman Half Marathon.

Last week I finally got back into the groove of running. Logged a little over 30 miles, which was about half of what I did all of July.  For my long run over the weekend I ran the Huckleberry Half Marathon. This is a hilly course in it’s second year that I’ve been using as a training run for Hood to Coast. I finished 26th overall in 1:50:10. Time wasn’t too far off from last year.

Here I am pre race. Was a little cooler at the start than I thought it would be. Perfect racing temp though.


Here I am coming into the finish. Given my lack of training the last month I am very pleased with these results.


Now we are just 8 days away from Hood to Coast. I’m running with basically the same group as last year so should be fun. And with a 7:30 start time we should be able to get some good sunrise pictures again this year.

Happy Running


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