Rule #1!

Coming into this year I had some goals for myself. Hit a certain mileage, do certain races, etc. But my #1 goal, which has become more of a rule, was to stay healthy. After ending last year not being able to run, I really wanted to make sure I kept myself healthy by not doing anything stupid. And you know me, doing something stupid is right up my alley.

This week started my first block of “marathon” training that I mentioned in my previous post. Monday I did 6 miles with some 800 repeats thrown in. Everything went fine. Actually felt pretty good. Tuesday called for 7 miles. Was running a little short on time so decided to just do 6 and call it good. This was an easy run, no pushing the pace. Just run a comfortable pace that feels good. Everything was going fine until I hit mile 4.5 when my right calf started cramping up. It got tighter and tighter as I ran the remaining 1.5 miles back to the house. By the time I got there I was limping pretty good and running really slow for me.

I was scheduled for another 6-7 miles on Wednesday but knew better than to run since my calf was still bothering me. I did some self treatment Tuesday night and Wednesday night using a softball to massage the area. Thursday morning I got up and the calf felt “ok”. Was a little tight but didn’t really hurt. Talked myself into going for a run, again an easy 6 miles. First half mile was kind of crappy as I felt stiff, but then things started loosening up and I actually felt pretty good. I had some concerns about climbing the 200′ hill that is in my normal route but since I felt good I went for it. Got to the top of the hill, went about another 100′ and BAM…calf cramped up. I tried to stretch it out but it didn’t help. The worst part…I was 2.2 miles from home. That was a long, slow jog back to the house. I could have walked it but it would have taken longer and not been any less painful.

So I’m going to take an extra few days off and keep doing the treatment. I also reached out to my trainer (who I’m actually no longer seeing as of last week) and will go see him on Monday if not dramatically better. The biggest downer is that I have the Harvest Hay Half Marathon this weekend. 99% sure I won’t be running it. Mrs Team Neon suggested we walk the course instead. After thinking about it, probably best to take the weekend off. I don’t have any races the next two weekends either so this is as good a time as any to miss something. Plus my race schedule gets kind of crazy next month so a good excuse to take care of some things in the non running parts of my life.

Here’s to staying true to rule #1!

Happy Running


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