I’m a Drifter

I’ve never been much of a klutz. I’m semi athletic, have a good awareness of my body weight/center of gravity and general pay pretty good attention to my surroundings. I have yet to fall down, or even seriously stumble, while running. But for the life of me I can’t understand why I continually drift to my right while running (and walking as evidenced by the laughing fit Mrs Team Neon just had while watching me try to step up onto a curb to my left only to run into the car to my right!).

Aside from the various shrubs, trees, poles and signs I’ve had to dodge over the last few years, there are two specific instances where I was left bloody for absolutely NO REASON!

Last August, at about mile 14 of a very warm 18 miler, I was running in a sparsely populated area. More industrial than commercial or residential, so not a lot of buildings, just big ones. I’m running along a warehouse a good 20′ from the building. But I notice I’m starting to get closer to the building. The following conversation may or may not have taken place in my head over the next 10-15 seconds:

The building is getting closer.
You’re drifting towards the building.
The building is getting really close.
There is a meter box on the side of the building, don’t get any closer.
Seriously, watch out for…BANG!

I hit the glass meter casing with my shoulder. It hurt like a MF! By the time I got to look at it about an hour later my shoulder looked like I fell off the building rather than running into a glass housing. Bloody and swollen.

Fast forward to this past Sunday at Vancouver Half. About mile 11 when the wheels were starting to come off (yes, it’s not lost on me that paying attention is not one of my attributes when I’m tired) we were running along the Columbia River on a very nice path by some condos. We were making a gradual right curve turn along a cinder block wall. Yeah, you know where this is going…

OK, you know you drift to the right so don’t do that.
That wall will not be forgiving if you hit it.
Seriously, get away from the…BANG…SON OF A…


I didn’t even bother looking at it. Didn’t hit it hard but enough that I knew it was bleeding. I actually laughed at myself and may have muttered a few derogatory names to myself.

Will I ever stop this? Probably not. If I didn’t do anything stupid I wouldn’t have good stories to tell!

Are you a drifter? Dumbest/Weirdest thing you’ve done while running?

Happy Running


4 thoughts on “I’m a Drifter

  1. Dumbest thing? Oh, no. You’re not tricking me into admitting that!

    But here’s one story. I am a drifter…it just doesn’t happen to be to one side or the other consistently. Usually happens when I’m talking. (Or monologuing as Tony would call it. Think Incredibles…got caught monologuing.) Problem is that our younger dog, Ronin, is a drifter, too. He drifted right, I drifted left…ended up rolling and dislocating a shoulder. But I put it back in place and did the rest of the three miles of trails as scheduled. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. (Too much of a bad joke? Well, no apology here…) 😀

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