Take that 40!

It required me to add a couple extra miles onto my long run Saturday (which I kind of wanted to do anyways) and to get out of bed and run again on Sunday (which I had NO desire to do) but I finally got over 40 miles for the week.

Some people will look at that and think “DAMN! Wish I could run that many miles in a week!” while others will look at that and go “Psh, please, that’s a taper week for me!”. But to me, it was kind of a big deal. Funny thing, as soon as I got done with my run on Sunday I thought to myself “Yay, you hit 40 miles. Yeah, so what are you going to do this week?!” Not much fanfare, even in my own head.

I’m scheduled for 45 miles this week. No excuse not to hit it. Just requires me to get off my ass. And since my trainer got married yesterday (YAY Charles and Karen!!) I won’t be meeting with him this week so two more nights I “could” be home “early” for additional rest. I was supposed to run today but body is feeling a little beat up. 53ish miles in the last 8 days. Included in that was Portland Rock n Roll Half Marathon, a hilly 9+ miles midweek and 16 miles just a mere 48 hours ago. So I’m fully justified not running today…doesn’t stop the negative self talk though. I’m home for the holiday today, with nothing planned, so if the weather holds who knows, maybe I will venture out.

The week leading up to Portland RnR was not a good training week as mileage goes. Trainer wanted me to get more rest as I was showing signs of losing my mind. So any extra miles I may have picked up for my RW Challenge were pretty much lost then. But losing 15 miles for a down week is better than losing 40 because I can’t run at all. I’ll just have to make them up later in the summer. This week I will pass the 400 mile point of the challenge. Some of that is bonus miles so haven’t quite run that far. Although I will pass 600 miles for this year by midweek. Goal was to hit 1500 this year, so feeling pretty good about that. Like last year, November and December will be the deciding factors. Luckily, I have a plan in place so those months will definitely NOT be idle this year.

Picture time!!

Lonnie's Mileage Challenge 5-25

Three weeks until my next race, Vancouver Half Marathon. ¬†Here’s to increasing mileage and staying healthy!

Happy Running


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