Speed Humps

You know those very short, little “hills” in the street intended to help control speed through neighborhoods? Normal people call those speed bumps. Not in my neck of the woods…

Speed Humps

Even after a decade I still laugh like a teenage boy.

We even run into them during our training. Hitting a minor one right now in mine. The last few weeks I’ve felt pretty good. My mileage has stayed up and even increased a bit. Still haven’t eclipsed that elusive 40 mile mark yet this year…I still think it’s mental. But I’m consistently around 35 miles per week. My body, for the most part, is holding up fine. Whenever a little niggle shows up I can usually relate it to how aggressive I’m NOT being with my recovery. Give it a little attention and everything is fine.

Last week, with the traveling to/from Philadelphia, my training got a little sidetracked. Was supposed to be six days running for 31 miles. Was a cut back week, but also an increase in the number of days I was running. Because of travel, I ended up doing 35 miles in 4 days. My last run, on Sunday, was even at a pretty good clip…20 seconds per mile faster, for 14 miles, than I normally run on that route.

Woke up Monday a little sore (expected) and dragging some serious ass (not necessarily expected).


I took Monday off from training and got in some table work with my trainer. Tuesday I woke up and was still pretty tired. I got my scheduled run in, but it was slower and shorter than I had planned. My legs felt very heavy the whole run. This morning I woke up and felt like I needed a crane just to get out of bed. Run cancelled. Sleep engaged. Seriously considered staying home from work. Sunny and 90* today didn’t help with that decision.

Reached out to my trainer with how I was feeling. His first thought was that I was getting sick. Assured him that I feel “fine”…as I told him, as fine as I normally feel. You know runners, we always think we are getting sick during race week. He rattled off a few symptoms to see if I had them. I said, yeah, have had that for a few weeks. I proceeded to get a rather lengthy lecture at that point about not listening to my body (uh…duh…have we just met???). He always likes to use car anaolgies…basically said mechanically I’m “fine” but I’m low on gas, oil and transmission fluid. I have no clue what that means for me, but I do know that if you run your car long enough without those you will no longer have a car. I may or may not have experience with that in a car from when I was a teenager (right, dad!?).

Diagnosis…tired ass!

Prescription…sleep…a lot!

So going to back off this week. Want to get in a couple short(ish), easy runs the next few days to try and keep the legs fresh. Then I have the Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. Next week I will just take what my body is able to give me. Have to keep the long term plan in mind.

Happy Running (or sleeping)



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