Rock n’ Roll Races

Last week I said I was going to do a mid week post to make an announcement. Oops! So I guess I will do it this week.

Last year I ran the Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. I still think this was my best tactical race I’ve ever ran. Even though the event is a little over the top for me, I still had a good time. I wasn’t really planning to run it again this year but as the time got closer I knew I would want to run it so I bit the bullet and signed up. Then a running friend from the Sub 30 Club moved to Seattle from back east. She said she was going to run Seattle Rock n’ Roll. I knew that if you ran both events you got an extra medal. And you know how I love my bling! Then I found out that you actually get TWO extra medals for running both Portland and Seattle! How could I possibly turn that down?! So I signed up for Seattle Rock n’ Roll.

I’m constantly bombarded with running event emails. Some I read, some I don’t. Since I had already signed up for two Rock n’ Roll events I rarely pay attention to the emails from them. One caught my eye though. Buy a 2014 Tour Pass for $199 and run three events. I wasn’t a math major but I knew that I had spent about that already. Did some quick checking and found that your entries could be applied to the purchase of a Tour Pass. I could basically get a third race entry for minimal cost. Oh, and get two more medals! Yes, I’m a bling whore!

Talked it over with Mrs. Team Neon who, much to my surprise thought it was a great idea. This was a change from the “OK” and eye roll I usually get. The initial plan was to do the Vancouver, CA Half Marathon. It’s only about a 5 hour drive from our place and something we could realistically do on the weekend so we wouldn’t have to miss work. Downside was that it was the weekend right after Runner’s World. I kicked it around for a week or so and finally decided to look at other events.

One of the offspring moved to Austin, TX a few years ago. We’ve talked every once in a while about going to visit. Google maps shows me that Austin is only 100 miles from San Antonio. San Antonio has a Rock n’ Roll event on December 7th. Bonus…his birthday is on December 10th. To say Mrs Team Neon was beyond excited at this idea would be an understatement. So now I’m signed up for the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in December. We are going to take a few extra days and spend some time with him and his girlfriend. Take in a few sites and have a good time. Have to love runcations!!

Happy Running


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