Another Week In The Books

I try to come up with something witty (by my standards) for my post titles. As you can see, even by my standards, this one sucks. Oh well. As good as any other for the week.

I was scheduled to run 35 miles this week. I ran 35 miles this week. I was really wanting to hit 40. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas. A 40 mile week is as much a mental barrier for me as it is a training one. Looking back over my training it appears I’ve only managed to hit 40 miles once, first week of July last summer

Funny thing, I remember the long run that week. I logged 28ish miles that week and was scheduled for 16 for my long run. It was July 4th weekend and we were “entertaining” at the house with friends. That usually meant a few too many adult beverages followed by too few hours of sleep. My running friends knew I was scheduled for the run on Sunday. They were giving me a hard time about the entertaining via text and Facebook throughout night. When I woke the next “morning” I had several messages waiting for me essentially saying I wouldn’t get the run done. I did put the run off until the afternoon but I managed to get it in. 16 miles on the treadmill at the gym at a pretty good clip. I may or may not have been hungover. It’s still my longest treadmill run to date.

So, back to this week. 26 miles coming into today. I had run the last 5 days and 8 of the last 9. The plan was to do my long run yesterday and follow that up with an easy recovery run today. With my schedule yesterday, I just wasn’t feeling like a long run so I swapped those. Did an easy 4 miles yesterday at a pace that was probably a little quick. Today, I went in with the attitude of just putting in an easy 14 to get to 40. But, as usual, my mind decided that wasn’t good enough. I figured, hey, why not bump up the pace just a tad each mile. By about mile 5 or 6 I knew I was an idiot. Figured I would back off the pace and finish out the run. One issue I’ve been having the last week or so is a tight hip. I’m sure it is my hip flexor but haven’t had time to address it with my trainer. About mile 7 my hip really started tightening up. And you know what happens when something tightens up…your form goes to shit. By mile 8 my other hip started tightening up. Half mile later my back started tightening up and I was just trying to get to 9 miles so I would at least get in my scheduled 35 for the week. And I did. But what a horrible run.

Here we are in the mileage challenge after this week:

Lonnie's Mileage Challenge 4-6-14

Next week should see a little boost in the mileage as I have the Blooms to Brews Half Marathon. Nice little 13.1 bonus miles!

Planning a mid week post this week to make an announcement (no, not THAT one). The topic is the Rock n Roll events and my participation in them. Stay tuned!

Happy Running


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