One Step at a Time

Last week I laid out my plan for how I was going to cover so many miles over 30 weeks. But it really comes down to a more simple plan. Simply put one foot in front of the other until I reach my goal. If you do enough of the little things you will eventually do the big things.

The last couple of months my training has essentially been “on” one week and “off” the next, never doing a full week of training in back to back weeks. I would put in a week of mid 30’s and follow it up with a week of about 50-75% of that. This was my way to ease back into things as I worked back from tendinosis. Over this time I’ve felt better and better and seemed to recover quicker from each hard workout. Last week I put in 35 miles, which was 4 more than I had planned. This week I was scheduled for 33 and put in exactly 33. I even put in a recovery run today after my 13 mile progression run yesterday. I’m actually a little surprised how good I feel today. So until my body says otherwise it’s all systems go with training!

So here is the graph after two weeks:

Lonnie's Mileage Challenge 3-30-14

Less than 1700 to go!!

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to run 5 miles. This will give me 125 miles for the month. This will be my highest monthly mileage since August of 2013 when I ran 127. This will also put me at 325 for the year. Considering I’m just now getting into my training full time, I have to be pleased with this.

I’m two weeks out from my first half marathon of the year. The Blooms to Brews Half. This was a HUGE PR race for me last year. I don’t expect a PR this year. I just want a solid, consistent race where I feel like I gave good effort. One thing I want to focus on is starting out at a good pace and maintaining/increasing pace over the course of the race. Really need to get out of the habit of going out too strong and gradually fading over the course. The target pace I have in mind is 8:00. This should be relatively easy on this course given how flat it is. And will give me a good idea of where my conditioning is.

My target race this year is the Foot Traffic Flat Half on July 4th. I’ve put myself on a 16 week training plan to get ready for it. This is another “easy” course and should give me a great chance to PR and give a good chase at 1:30:00.

I’ve got a big announcement coming up but am holding off for now. I’ve shared with a few people close to me and they are prodding me a little to share. But I’m not ready quite yet. I really wanted to wait until at least June but I don’t think I will hold out that long. But it will be a little while longer. You know me, I don’t do anything small!

Happy Running


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