Mileage Challenge

I’ve put the wraps on the first week of my, some would argue dumb/stupid/insane/crazy, mileage challenge. Nothing overly daunting this week. I was scheduled to run 31 miles this week and got in 35.15.

My plan each week, especially over the first 16 weeks, is to go an extra mile or so each run that I have the time and my body feels up to it. This week was a great example. Monday I was scheduled for 4 miles, which I kind of consider a short run for me, and I did 6. Then, with us going out of town Friday night, I switched my Thursday/Saturday runs to Friday/Sunday. Friday I was scheduled for 3 miles. Since I was coming off an off day I felt really good and put in 5. If I had the time that day I would have easily done a couple more. And as is normal for any outdoor long run that I do, I always go a little extra to make sure I get the miles I’m scheduled to run.

I have a mileage log that Andy put together for me that has a pretty nifty graph feature to it to give it a little pizzazz. Here is how it looks after week 1:

Lonnie's Mileage Challenge 3-23-14


Some might ask what I’m hoping to accomplish by doing this, especially coming off an injury.  The main thing is consistency.  I have something other than myself to hold me accountable.  Which is awesome considering I’ve sucked recently at holding myself accountable.  Weekly, and sometimes daily, check ins with my running group will be a constant reminder to drag my ass out there and to stop listening to those little voices in my head.  I’m also hoping that with more consistency, and mileage, in my running I will start seeing some weight come off.  I’m trying to be smart with my diet (it’s a noun, not  a verb), eating enough to have plenty of energy to get these runs in without giving myself an excuse to eat crap.  Was a bad habit I got into while marathon training.  My goal is to eat as clean as I can while not stressing myself out.

Now, it’s almost time for my massage! Yay, me!

Happy Running


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