Change Of Scenery

Sometimes you need to get away and clear your head. I don’t share much of my “personal” life on here but let’s just say my wife and I keep ourselves busy. So busy in fact that we haven’t done much in the last year other than the daily grind. And that is…well…grinding.

We decided we were going to get away. It’s only for a night but it will be nice. Going to “the beach” tonight. I say “the beach” because that’s what people in Portland say when they go to the coast. It pretty much covers about 300 miles of coast line. We are going to Long Beach, WA. Nice little hotel that has a restaurant and bar along with views of the ocean. Now, I grew up on the coast in Coos Bay, OR. So going to the beach is a “meh” kind of thing for me. It’s sand and the water is cold (my nipples still get hard when I remember that January midnight swim I took when I was 18). But we haven’t gone in a while so will be nice.

No running while there. Got an easy run in this morning, will take tomorrow off and then get in my long run Sunday.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Happy Running


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