How far is it from Suckville to RW Festival?

If you remember from my post the other day, I had agreed to run twice the number of miles that our online running group ran over the weekend. I even went out of my way a few times to taunt them as I was not impressed with the totals.

I may be regretting that now…

The final numbers are in. We rounded up for easy math. The group, at least those that chose to participate, ran a cumulative 890 miles. For those of you that are not math majors, that means I have to run 1780 miles. Let me say that again…ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY MILES!


Monday morning, when the final numbers were announced, even the guys pushing this were backing off. There were suggestions on how to change the rules a little to make it easier on me. Maybe run only those miles or 1.5 times those miles. There was a suggestion to maybe designate a person from the group each week and their miles would count towards mine. But, if you know me at all, you know that I don’t back down from a challenge. I would rather fall flat on my face trying than to back out. Go big or go home.

We did have one slight change to the rules that I did agree to. Any miles that I run during a race counts double. I’m referring to those as “Entry Fee” miles. This actually made sense to me. Races are much harder than training runs. I saw no problem getting a little extra credit for those runs. But aside from that, all the miles will be run by me. The rules are pretty straight forward other than that. I have from 3/15/14 to the final event at RW Festival on 10/19/14 to get in my miles. 218 days.


So what is the plan? It actually isn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. Between my half marathon training plan I have in place and the races I’m already scheduled to run, I can knock about half of these miles out by the first week in July. It was also my intention to boost my mileage this summer up to the 50-60 miles per week range. After running all the numbers, I still think this is very doable. I may need to add in some races after my race in July. I’m actually kind of race light for the three months leading up to RW. I only have two scheduled and those are on back to back weekends in August. As I told the group, my health will determine whether or not I can do this and nothing else. If I’m healthy, I will do this. If I’m not healthy and am unable to run, it won’t matter if the goal was 500 miles.

My extremely under trained and over paid IT department came up with a pretty cool tracking system for me. All I have to do is plug in how many miles I ran and whether or not it was a race and it does all the math to show my progress. Here is a snapshot of it through today:


Team Neon Running Progress 3-18-14


WOO HOO…1.3% done!!!

So, am I stupid? To be determined. Am I crazy? That is already well documented. All I know is it’s going to be a hell of a ride. I am taking precautions so I can keep running. Every run used to be at a set pace, regardless of how I felt. The only runs I’m going to worry about pace from now on is speed work. Everything else will be based on feel. I just have to get in the miles, doesn’t say how fast I have to do them.

One of the coolest things to come out of this is that several people in the group have agreed to run these with me. No one is dumb enough to run double the miles, but several are running the actual total of 890. And many others are agreeing to do some fraction based on their own running levels. So proud of these guys!

Happy Running


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