My first DNS

I’ve taken pride in the fact that every race I’ve signed up for I made it to the starting line. I’ve always felt that since I paid the money I needed to show up and give my best effort.  That streak came to an end Saturday.

I was slated to run the Roaring River 5K. This is the course I set my PR on so I should have been looking forward to it. But given my training the last few months, which still isn’t fully back to 100%, I was hesitant about making the 2 hour drive to the race site. Then to top it off, I caught a little big mid week which derailed me even more.  As I’m trying to be more smarter instead of more stupider this year, I made the decision to just stay home.

I always thought I would feel horrible about missing an event. But in this case I’m fine with it. I didn’t have anything to prove by running in this event as my target 5K is next month. And since I ended up doing 10 miles at home that day I think my training will be better off in the long run.

Happy Running


3 thoughts on “My first DNS

  1. I once had to pull out a marathon after training all season for it.. It is always a tough decision to make but like you said it’s about being smart and doing what is for the best in the long run

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