Blog Updates

Hello kids,

Just a quick note to make you aware of some changes to the blog…

On the right hand side of the page you will notice that my Twitter feed is now working. This will show the last 5 tweets from me. If you’re not following me on Twitter and you would like to do so my id is @teamneonrunning. Or just click the little “follow” button above my feed.

Below my Twitter feed you will see something that I think is pretty cool. I get asked every once in a while about my training schedule. So I linked up my training calendar with my blog. This will show my next 10 training sessions. Advanced Results Fitness is my trainer Charles who likes to laugh while putting me through pain. The other entries are my scheduled runs for that given day. Since I’m not opposed to doing a lot of training on the treadmill, I always include the treadmill setting for my assigned pace for the day, so that is what the number is at the end of the entry…i.e. 6.8.

I created a new page for my 2014 race schedule. I’ve linked all the race websites so feel free to go check them out. You’ll see I have a couple east coast races this year. Pretty excited about that!

I also updated my “about” page. It’s now titled “Who is Team Neon Running?”. Gives you a little better look of who I was and what I did. I’ve added a few progression pics as well.

Looking to have a couple more blog posts up this weekend as well.

Happy Running


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