Train for recovery

I raced on Sunday and was very pleased with the outcome.  However, I will say one thing…HOLY CRAP I’M SORE!!!

I guess when you are training pretty much full time you don’t give much thought to the fact that you are not only training to race but also to recover.  Putting in those long hours gets your body in shape to recover “quickly” when you toe the starting line.  I obviously forgot that.  Taking most of the last 3 months off is not conducive to racing.

I’ve been known to give decent training advice from time to time.  One of these days I might actually listen to my own advice.   I know I should be taking things slower but it’s so…freaking…hard!  As my trainer, Charles, pointed out “So, we’ve gone from not going to run for 8 weeks to taking 3 weeks off and then racing after 3 runs?!”  Yep, I’m a genius!

How smart are you when it comes to taking running advice?  Have you ever done something you knew was not the right thing?

Happy Running


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