Injury update and moving forward

I touched on it very briefly in my last post; I’ve had a little “injury” that finally came to the point of needing to be addressed.  I have peroneal tendonosis in my left foot/ankle/calf.  Essentially, the peroneal tendon that runs from my calf down behind my ankle and connects to my mid-outer foot has been used and abused over the last year and decided to fight back.  This first popped up early in 2013 when I developed pain behind my left ankle.  Some strength training, improved range of motion and direct massage took care of it pretty quickly.  In fact, I was amazed at how fast it was resolved.

As I closed in on my marathon, I started developing pain again, usually along the outer portion of my left foot.  As I usually did, I shrugged it off and kept plugging along.  I took most of October off after Portland and didn’t give it a second thought.  I put in a good training month in November, but the pain remained.  I had started addressing it with my trainer, but it was always secondary to what we were doing.  The weekend after my last 5K I went out for an easy 14 miler.  It was pretty cold (14*!) and icy that day so I had no intentions of pushing the pace.  In fact, it was about 30 seconds per mile slower than normal.  But the big problem is that my foot hurt/ankle hurt like hell during the run.  When I got home I sent a text to my trainer with what was going on.  By the end of the weekend I had been benched.  The early projection was no running for 8 weeks.  Needless to say I was not thrilled with this.

My training sessions became more focused on getting my foot back to running shape.  Lots of DEEP tissue massage and range of motion therapy.  By the way, if you’ve never had true deep tissue massage, it hurts…A LOT!  After two weeks I started feeling pretty good.  What had been my good days before became my bad days.  My good days became awesome.  Forgot how good it felt to be pain free.  Naturally, I pressed my trainer about moving up my recovery time frame and he said he was encouraged and optimistic but that I needed to remain cautious.  The next week my recovery went great.  Essentially pain free all week.  I spoke with my trainer who agreed that if I took it easy I could resume light running.

This past week I logged three runs totaling 16 miles.  With the right amount of pre-run prep work, post run recovery and wearing compression gear (I wear Pro Compression Marathon socks) I’ve felt really good this week while also logging some much needed miles.  Over the next month I plan to gradually build up my base with the hopes of being back to “normal” by the beginning of February   My target 5K is the Shamrock Run. If I’m able to resume my training by the beginning February I should have enough time to get in a good amount of training.  Then full speed ahead!

Happy Running



One thought on “Injury update and moving forward

  1. I have that in my right foot. As long as I careful about how much I increase it is usually fine. If it flairs, I just slow down and cut back some until it eases.

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