2014 Goals

My goals for the upcoming year are short and simple…

1.  Be healthy!  I’ve had far too many niggles over the last year for my liking.  Something was always hurting…usually associated with my left foot/ankle.  With the work I’ve done with my trainer, Charles, in both strength training and therapy, I like to think I’ve turned the corner on this.  Now I just need to be diligent in my pre-run preparation and my post-run recovery.  Fingers crossed.

2. Reach 1500 miles.  Exact same goal I had for 2013.  I’m about 200 miles short this year and given that I didn’t run much of October and December, as well as had a few months well below what they should have been, I think this is a very reachable goal.  Especially if #1 happens.

3.  Very specific time goals. I want to break 20:00 in the 5K and 1:30:00 in the half marathon.  

My target race for the 5K is the Portland Shamrock Run on March 16th.  That is 11 weeks from tomorrow.  Gives me 5 weeks to get my legs and lungs back and 6 weeks of some intense training. I ran this race in 21:08 last year racing back to back days.  I truly felt last year that if I had rested appropriately, I would have had a much better race.

My target race for the half marathon is the Vancouver, USA Half Marathon on June 15th.  Again, assuming #1 above, there is no excuse to not have the training in place for this to happen. I set my PR on this course last year in 1:36:15.  This goal is going to depend on three things.  Health, ability to train and my weight. I’m about 25 pounds heavier now than I was at this race last year. I need to get back down closer to that weight.  If I can stay healthy then all it will take is hard work and determination.

Happy Running



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