Going Under the Knife

Ooh…it sounds so ominous!  OK, it really isn’t a knife.  More like a big pair of scissors and a pair of pliers.

Ever since I was a senior in high school I’ve been dealing with ingrown toenails.  It’s just become one of those things I’ve learned to deal with on my own.

After completing the Portland marathon I took a week off.  Went out for what I call a rust knocker of a run the following Saturday and felt good.  Hit the road again on Tuesday and still felt good.  But I had started noticing that one of my toes was starting to get a little uncomfortable.  I grabbed my usual tools and went to work.  Without going into too man gory details, let’s just say it didn’t go as well as planned.  Not only did I create quite a mess, I didn’t get all of the nail out.

I found myself hobbling around for the next 5 days before I got so pissed that I grabbed some bigger tools and went back in for a second crack.  Got that little bastard this time!  Immediate relief from the pain.  So much relief that I was back out running the next day.  Got in runs three of the next four days.

Before I “fixed” it the second time, at the urging of my wife and my trainer, I made an appointment to see my doctor and finally have the nails removed.  As good as I have been feeling the last week I gave serious thought to cancelling the appointment.  But I’m going to go through with it and just get it done.  Then I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

So, tomorrow at 2:30 I will be putting my life…ok, my toes, in the hopefully capable hands of a doctor who will finally put an end to my ingrown toenail problems.  I’m expecting a pretty quick recovery, guessing 3-5 days.  My plan is to finally start my winter training next Monday.  It’s only two weeks later than planned but feels like a lifetime.  If you don’t hear from me by Thursday, please send flowers.

Happy Running



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