Will Power

WillThe mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action.

PowerThe ability or capacity to perform or act effectively. 

Will PowerThe strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes, or plans.

I wrote the other day about how I was coming to terms with my own, current, limitations.  By no means is this a white flag waving announcement of me giving up on my goals.  It is simply me recognizing that my goals, as lofty as they are, will just take more time than I have currently put in to achieve.  So I keep lacing them up and putting in the miles.  I will get stronger.  I will get faster!

The outpouring of support from the running community regarding my recent blog post has been overwhelming.  It wasn’t my intention, nor did I expect, for so many people to reach out to me with such positive things to say.  The running community has some of the biggest hearts around.

We run for many reason.  Health…stress relief…sanity…friendship…boredom.  We all have a reason, some personal that only a few know about and some private and we keep only to ourselves.  Many people run simply because so many others cannot.  Runners are some of the most charitable people you will find.  Again, big hearts!

No, I’m not asking you for money.  What I wish to ask of you is something each and every one of you can afford.  Positive thoughts and energy.

As you know, I ran Hood to Coast this year.  I was a late fill in for team Will Power.  When I joined them I really didn’t know much of the situation.  I later found out that Will, our team captain Joe’s son, had osteosarcoma.  He has gone through the treatment, including his most recent stint with chemotherapy.  So far everything is going as well as can be expected on that front.  But as so many people learn when dealing with cancer, nothing is ever as simple as dealing just with the disease.  Especially for a young teenage boy.


Here is a picture of Team Will Power from the 2013 Hood to Coast.  That is Will in the chair.

In 2012, just coming into his formative years, Will convinced Joe to run Hood to Coast.  He had watched the movie on the race and was inspired by the R Bowe team.  If you know about Hood to Coast, you know that this is not exactly an event you are thrilled to have your pre/early teen run.  But Joe embraced Will’s passion to follow through on this.  And he did great.  Unfortunately, about six weeks later they received the diagnosis on Will.  Just like his desire to run Hood to Coast, will tackled this new challenge with everything he had.

Unfortunately, Will had a recent setback and suffered a broken leg.  Coming off chemotherapy, your body is just not able to fight much of anything.  As a result, Will has developed some complications from his broken leg.  Tuesday morning, Will found himself back at Seattle Children’s Hospital fighting an infection.  Wednesday morning he had surgery to clean out his knee and plate, had a picc line installed without anesthesia, and may have more surgery next week if the skin stretched over the hole below his knee dies.  He will be in the hospital until at least next Tuesday, which just happens to be the 3 month anniversary of his post chemo evaluation.  He will also be on pumped intravenous antibiotics for the next 10 weeks.

As you can imagine, Will is a little down right now.  He has been forced to cancel many plans he had set up, like going to camp, because of these recent setbacks.  And this is why I’m writing.  Will is a great kid with an awesome spirit.  He could really use some cheering up.  If you read this and are inclined to do so, please leave some words of encouragement for Will on my blog.  I will make sure the family has access so they can read them.  If you want to send me messages directly via Twitter, Facebook, etc feel free to do that as well and I will pass them on.

Will, you hang in there.  You have a great support system in place and are surrounded by so many people that love you.  I know this sucks right now.  But you keep fighting.  Get stronger every single day!  I fully expect to be running Hood to Coast with you next year!  And it will be my honor to be your teammate!




4 thoughts on “Will Power

  1. Will, tonight’s run is for you! Keep fighting…hope to see you at HTC one of these years! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Will- you can get through this! Know that there are people out there pulling for you and praying for you every day!

  3. Will, your motivation and personal strength is an inspiration. You’re going to conquer this challenge and continue to inspire us all with your awesomeness.

  4. As my son would say… “Will, You’ve got this”.
    Hang in there mate, and know we are all out here pulling for you.
    This current situation is just a speed hump in the road of life.

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