June 16th Week in Review

This week, my training plan went completely out the window.  If you recall, I did my first 20 miler last Sunday.  That run went great.  I was actually surprised at how well I felt on Monday.  Yes, I was sore and my legs were very tired, but I didn’t feel anything like I thought I would.  The week pretty much went downhill from there.

Monday:  Rest.  Normally I see my trainer, Charles, on Monday’s.  But this was my son’s 16th birthday so we took him to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner right after work.  My wife and I had found this cool glow in the dark miniature golf place across the river in Vancouver so we thought he would enjoy that (he did).  Then we hit up our favorite restaurant on the way home for dessert.  Kind of the opposite of working out. 

Tuesday: 11 miles, 1:30:27, 8:13 pace 

Wednesday: No running.  Met with Charles for our scheduled Wednesday night session. I was feeling really sluggish.  Everything from the hips down hurt.  If I was up moving around I felt ok, but if I sat for any length of time I would stiffen up.  I’m sure it was just coincidence that I ran 31 miles in about 48 hours.  Did some “table work” (what Charles calls his version of massage…trust me, table work is more appropriate than massage) to loosen things up and then did some foam rolling.  Charles noted that I was stiffer than I had been the previous few sessions.  Yeah, I hadn’t noticed. 

Thursday:  Alarm went off at 4:30 and I proceeded to say a few choice words that I won’t repeat here.  Plus my feet were KILLING me.  With the race coming up on Sunday I figured another day’s rest would do me some good. 

Friday: 3.14 miles, 34:11, 10:52 pace.  I had already decided last week that I was going to scrap my scheduled 10 miles and just do the 5K shakeout run with Bart Yasso as part of the Vancouver USA Marathon.  New this would be a great experience (which is most definitely was) and would allow me to taper a bit for the race.  Bart Yasso is incredible person.  He goes out of his way to make everyone feel important.  I can definitely see why he is called the Mayor of Running.  If you ever get the chance to meet him or go to an event he is scheduled to be at I would strongly recommend it. 

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: 13.1 miles (along with a .58 mile warm-up), 1:36:16 (unofficial), 7:26 pace.  This was the Vancouver USA Half Marathon.  I did set another PR but was a little short in my goal of breaking 1:35:00.  Course was a little hillier than I anticipated.  Oh well, never complain about a PR. 

Weekly Totals: 27.65 miles, 3:46:11, 8:11 pace 

I’m still working on a few other posts.  I have no idea how some bloggers have time to post as much as they do.  Or I just think too much instead of just writing.

Happy Running


2 thoughts on “June 16th Week in Review

  1. Hi! Found your blog from your piece on the RW Facebook page. You have an awesome story! Anyway, I ran with Bart back in 2011. It was the best day of my life! My husband and I just happened to be vacationing in Kauai the same time as the Kauai marathon and the expo was at our hotel. I got a picture with him and Dean Karnazes after the shake out run. Greatest. Day. Ever!

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