Headsweats Visor Product Review

The product I’m reviewing today is the Ultra Reflective Supervisor – White by Headsweats. As with my other product reviews, I like to get the “official” description from the company and then provide my thoughts.  This is taken directly from the Headsweats website:

The Ultra Reflective hat and visor feature Headsweats® own proprietary Eventure™ Reflective fabric. Made of lightweight polyester with a highly reflective surface treatment, the hat or visor will keep athletes safe for early morning or evening training sessions.

  • COOLMAX ® Fabric shell
  • COOLMAX ® Fabric terry sweatband
  • Lightweight design
  • Machine washable


My wife and I each picked out hats.  I went with the only hat I could find from Headsweats that had my color scheme.  My wife went with the visor.  When they arrived I was immediately jealous.  This visor is pretty freaking cool looking.  I always thoughts visors were kind of dorky but this is very sleek looking with some great reflective stitching that gives it a pretty awesome look in the daylight.  Lucky me…my wife didn’t care for the fit because of her hair.  I will gladly take that thank you very much!

Compared to other Headsweats products I have, the visor is kind of a snug fit.  It has an elastic strap that goes around your head and connects to the visor portion right about the temple.  The first chance I had to wear the visor was right when I was starting to get sick a while back and I had a terrible headache that day.  I put on this quite snug visor that grabs your head right about the temple region.  I proceeded to run the next six miles cursing at myself for wearing this thing.  I immediately hated it.  HOWEVER, I knew I was sick and had a headache before I put on the visor.  It wouldn’t be fair to write off the visor just yet.

The visor became my go to headgear whenever I went for an outside run.  I wanted to put it through as much testing as I could and give it a fair shake.  I will be honest; it was a little uncomfortable given how snug it was.  But I also knew that I normally don’t wear hats and that probably played a big part in it.  I kept wearing it and over time I have found that it loosened up.  Not to the point where it was loose on my head, but now I feel like the fit is perfect.  I did my 20 miler last weekend and felt great with the visor on the whole time.  It never once bothered me.  I’ve also worn it in my last two half marathons with zero problems.


The visor is extremely lightweight.  It has gotten to the point now where I don’t even notice I have it on my head.  Another concern I had was that my head would get too hot given that I would be wearing this in warmer weather.  Again, no problems whatsoever.  Sure, I sweat but that has more to do with the weather than the visor.

Because of my schedule and safety concerns I have, I don’t run at night.  If I have to run when light is an issue I just go to the gym.  And I would feel a little silly wearing my visor at the gym.  So in all honesty I haven’t really checked out the reflective capabilities of the visor.  Like I noted, the reflective stitching is pretty cool looking and can only imagine how it lights up in the dark when hit by light.

The main reasons I wear a hat outdoors when I run is to keep the sun out of my eyes and keep the sweat off my face.  I could just wear sunglasses but they get covered in sweat and then I can’t see.  This visor does an awesome job of keep the glare to a minimum.  Even on the brightest of days I’m perfectly fine without sunglasses and just using the hat.  The black lining under the bill does exactly what it is supposed to do.  Couldn’t ask for more.  When it comes to keeping the sweat off my face the visor does a more than adequate job.  I know that is not exactly a ringing endorsement, but for me personally I would like a little more sopping up the sweat ability.  I know I’m a fairly heavy sweater.  Can’t blame the visor for that.  If it is warm outside (65*+) I find that by mile 7 or 8 the visor has reached its saturation point and then my sweats starts dripping off the bill, usually onto my hands.  Now I have noticed that the more I wear the visor the longer I seem to be able to go before this is an issue.  Maybe it just needed to get broke in?  And if you’re not a heavy sweater I wouldn’t expect this to be an issue for you.  I know how much as I sweat and to quote my wife “it’s gross!”

I haven’t tried washing it yet. Every time I think about washing a hat I think back to when I was a kid and how many baseball caps just never looked the same after being washed.  So I’m hesitant to do that.

Overall, this is a great product.  Like I said, this is now my go to “summer” headgear when I’m running outside.  It’s stylish and does what it is advertised to do.  I look forward to doing many more long runs with it.  So glad my wife didn’t like it!

Happy Running




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