May Month in Review

If you’re following my blog you have noticed that I have been a little MIA as of late.  First, my apologies.  The training has picked up a bit and my personal life schedule has increased as well, which it always does when summer rolls around.  Still, no excuse.

I’m not going to do the weekly reviews for the weeks I’ve missed in May, just do a month end wrap up.  Then hopefully I can get back on track with June.

I’m excited (I think) to announce that I have signed on with a personal trainer.  I’m working with the incredibly intelligent and gifted Charles Bean from Advanced Results Fitness.  If you are anywhere near the Portland Metro area and are looking for a trainer, I STRONGLY encourage you to contact Charles.  One of the nicest guys you will meet also.  Charles will be the first to admit that he can work miracles with the human body but when it comes to social media and the likes he struggles.  So if you are poking around his website (which definitely needs some updating of data) don’t hold it against him. 🙂  The main thing Charles is working with me on right now is range of motion and core.  Safe to say there are probably some corpses in cemeteries that are more flexible than I am.  As Charles has noted, my range of motion has been defined by my running.  I’m fine within those movements, but once I venture outside of that it gets pretty scary how limited I am.  I have confidence that he is going to whip me into shape so I’m ready to kick some ass on October 6th!

May training recap:

20 runs

154.59 miles

21:01:42 total time

8:10 pace

This ended up being the second highest monthly total so far for me, behind the 166.35 in March.  But in March I did that in 8 more runs.  New focus has been on fewer runs each week but for longer distances.  Trying to train my body to go longer and longer in preparation for the Portland Marathon.

Speaking of long runs, and since I’m not doing a weekly wrap up from this past week, I will talk specifically about my last run.  Sundays are obviously my long run days.  This week I was scheduled to go for 18 miles.  The longest I have gone previously was 14 on a couple different occasions.  I felt pretty confident that I could add on 4 more miles given how I felt the last few times I went the 14.  So confident in fact, that I pulled an extreme rookie move and got completely off my training schedule the 24 hours before I was to run.  As some of you may know, today (June 3) is my birthday…yay, another 365 days I didn’t die!  The wife and I decided we would go out Saturday night.  I didn’t really plan to get too carried away…which I didn’t.  I ate a little carb heavy and only had a couple small drinks.  And those were early in the night.  The problem arose from the fact that we didn’t go to bed until 3:00 FREAKING AM!  Met up with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and then went to another place and then another.  Next thing I know it’s past 2:00.  Even so, I figured no big deal.  I would get up in the morning whatever time my body decided to wake up, grab some breakfast, wait a bit and then go run.  Only problem is that this is NOT what I normally do.  I’m normally up at the butt crack of dawn and out the door.  I didn’t hit the road until about noon.  By then the roads were crowded and it was starting to get pretty warm.  But, I was determined to knock out this run.  My body will do exactly what I want it to do!  Yeah…

A tenth of a mile from the house I had some technical issues with some new gear.  I was trying out my brand new Avila Hydrapak that my parents got me for my birthday.  It’s exactly what I asked for and was thrilled to give it a go.  Long runs and no need to stop or “carry” water.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I have it adjusted correctly for my body and when I went to tighten one of the straps it popped off.  It’s an easy fix, just not when you are trying to run.  Since I wasn’t going to have my pack I had to take a few minutes to set up an “aide station” using my water bottle and some Gu packets in my mailbox.  I then proceeded to run my ~4 mile loop route.  Would just hit the aide station each time I came through.

Loop one…easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  Loop two started great.  My pace was actually a little quicker than I was targeting but I felt good…until mile 6.  Then my stomach said “Hey, remember that crap you ate last night and the food you ate this morning that you don’t normally eat before you run?  Well, I’m done with it now so we need to get rid of it!  NOW!” If you are following along you realize that I’m still 2 miles from the house…and there is no place to stop.  Let’s just say it felt like the next 2 miles took about 8 hours to get through.  I finally made it back to the house and took care of my issues.  Hydrated, fueled and hit the road for loop 3.  By the end of loop 3 I was about 12.5 miles into the scheduled 18.  I was starting to drag a little ass but I figured I could gut out the final 5.5.  2.5 miles later the only thing I was thinking about was not falling on my face and just getting back to the house.  I ended up doing a total of 16.5 miles.  Easily my longest, and most humbling, run to date.  Lesson learned!  I’m scheduled for 20 miles this weekend and I’m looking forward to the challenge!

I’m holding off on doing my race recap for the Portland Rock n Roll Half as I ordered pictures from them and I’m waiting for them to come in so I can add some to the post.  I normally don’t care for my race pictures but some of these turned out pretty good.  Evidenced by the amount of money I spent on them. 🙂

OK, here’s to hoping I can do a better job of keeping everyone up to date.  I know you have trouble getting through your day without knowing how my training is going. 🙂

Happy Running



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