May 12th Week In Review

I’m a couple days late with my review.  Personal life has been kicking my butt lately and eating into my free time…either that or I need to spend less time at work.  Hey, one can dream!

This was my second week post ickyness.  Was really wanting to bounce back this week and make a statement to myself.  Was a little hit and miss on that.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 9.01 miles, 1:16:08, 8:27 pace.  Target pace this week is 8:38 so a little quick.  Not uncommon for me when I run outdoors.  Did this run along the Willamette River after work.  Was about 75* and not a cloud in the sky.  First six miles felt great.  Last three miles not so much. That sun puts a hurting on you after a while.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 7.17 miles, 55:00, 7:40 pace.  Mile repeats at a bit faster than 5K pace.  Hadn’t done a speed session in a few weeks and my body reminded me of it.  Definitely kicked my butt.  Funny how your fitness changes so easily based on your workouts.

Friday: 5.25 miles, 43:41, 8:18 pace.  This is the run where the wheels came off. Scheduled for 8 miles.  Right from the start my ankle was giving me fits.  I have a little tendonitis in it that likes to flare up from time to time.  Once I warm up it usually is ok.  But it returned pretty fierce around mile 4.  Since I was running on the treadmill I wasn’t forced to finish the run or limp back to the car. Swallowed my pride and cut the run short.  Not something I do very often.

Saturday:  Rest…if you can call it that.  Been doing a lot of yard work the last few weekends.  Being on your feet is being on your feet!

Sunday: 14.01 miles, 1:56:51, 8:20 pace.  Had some concerns about this run after Friday. Figured Friday’s problem was due to old shoes and proper treatment.  So I removed my shoes from rotation that were quickly approaching 400 miles.  Plus I made sure to take some Ibuprofen over the previous couple of days to get the inflammation down. Ankle responded well.  Ended up  matching my longest run of all time, and at a decent clip.

Totals: 35.46 miles, 4:51:40, 8:14 pace.

You’ll notice Friday and Sunday were at a little quicker pace than the 8:38 target pace for the week.  I did those runs on the treadmill, which we know is much easier than outside. So I have two options, add a little incline or go a little faster.  Decided to go a little faster.

Aside from the hiccup on Friday it was a decent week.  Fresher shoes will help the ankle and I need to make sure I’m doing better recovery.

Plan calls for going over 40 miles this week but since the Portland Rock n Rock Half Marathon is this weekend I may or my not get in my full 16 miles on Sunday.  Just depends on how I feel.

Happy Running



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