April month in review and a slight change in training

April came in awesome and went out…PFFFT!  After March I was really looking forward to Arpril.  Mileage was going to be increasing and I had my first half marathon scheduled.

First three weeks of the month were great.  Training was right on target heading into Blooms to Brews.  So much so, that I went out and hit my half marathon goals a month early.

About six hours after the race the wheels came off! I started feeling like crap and it only got worse.  Over the next week I only managed two runs for a total of 12 miles.  Even this past week I still wasn’t that great.  I seem to be on the back side of this crud and feeling better.  Actually planning to do a real long run tomorrow.

Totals for the month: 126.88 miles, 17:16:17, 8:09 pace. And one kick ass PR!

After my performance at Blooms to Brews I started re-evaluating my training.  Not because I thought my performance was lacking but because I was so far ahead of where I was planning to be.  I started playing around with marathon training plans using Smart Coach on the Runner’s World website.  The one I came up with would give me the marathon results I am targeting while also maintaining my training over the next month at the level I need for my half marathons still on my schedule.

The main difference in my training is I will now be running 4 days a week rather than 5.  Given how restless I am on off days this is kind of a big deal for me.  I’m going to be putting in the same mileage as my original plan, in fact I will be exceeding my mileage by quite a bit in several weeks.  But they will be combined into fewer, but longer, runs.

The biggest, and what could be most important difference, is going to be my non running training on my three off days.  I really need to focus on strength training and cross training. I’m looking at hitting the weights good while also doing yoga a couple times a week.  Also going to be trying to incorporate a non impact cardio routine on my lifting days.

Here’s to a healthier May and getting back to putting feet to pavement.

Happy Running



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