Rock n Roll Half Training Week 8

This post is going to be short…exactly like my training this week.  What a crappy week.  I started feeling sick late in the day on Sunday after my race.  I normally have a “physical let down” after racing so was kind of expecting it.  But this ended up being worse than normal.

Monday: Rest as usual.  Felt like crap, stayed home from work.

Tuesday: 5.93 miles, 50:56, 8:35 pace.  Stayed home from work again as I was not feeling any better.  By later in the day I was feeling “ok” but still not 100%.  Was going to meet Roni for dinner so decided to run there. Ugh, big mistake. Just a horrible run. I was dehydrated and my whole body hurt the whole time.

Wednesday: Back to work but no run.

Thursday: No run

Friday: No run

Saturday: No run.  I was really looking forward to the Rock n Roll preview run scheduled for this morning. Was going to run along the part of the course I was really interested in checking out. My head was still killing me so decided not to run.  Changed the meds I was taking and by later in the day I was feeling much better.

Sunday: 6.16 miles, 52:28, 8:31 pace. Feeling well enough to run. Wasn’t pretty but I made it. Very sluggish the first couple of miles and then loosened up. By mile 6 I was pretty tired though.

Weekly totals: 12.09 miles, 1:45:24, 8:33 pace. Only about 30 miles below what I was supposed to do.  😦

I did build in an extra week into my training schedule just in case.  Hoping I can get right back into training this week and not lose anything.  Only three weeks until the Rock n Roll Half so getting down to crunch time.  I’ve decided that if my training lags at all over the next couple of weeks I’m just going to use this race as a training run and target the Vancouver USA Half Marathon in June as my next all out race.

Happy Running



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