Rock n Roll Half Training Week 7

For all of us in the running community, this was a very trying week.  There is nothing I can write in here that will help make sense of what happened.  All we can do is start the healing process and never forget those affected.

Obviously, my training was impacted by the events in Boston.  Not from the standpoint of me not being able to work out, but making sure I paid homage in my own way.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.09 miles, 32:25, 7:55 pace. I was scheduled for 6 miles. I ran 4.09 in tribute to the clock time when the bombs went off in Boston.

Wednesday: 6.25 miles, 50:03, 8:00 pace. 

Thursday: 7.18 miles, 55:01, 7:39 pace. 5 miles at HMGP of 7:00 bookended by an easy warm up and cool down. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete these runs. If nothing else they continually prove I have more in me than I think.

Friday: 5.24 miles, 45:04, 8:36 pace. With my half marathon on Sunday I made an effort to go slower than normal.

Saturday: 3.5 miles, 30:04, 8:35 pace. Saturdays have been a day off. Increase in training for a couple of weeks means only one day off per week.  I was scheduled for 5 miles but wanted to cut it short with my race the next day.

Sunday: Blooms to Brews Half Marathon 13.1 miles, 1:37:28, 7:26 pace.  I will be writing up a race recap within the next couple of days.  Will say that I’m pretty pleased with these results!


Happy Running



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