Rock n Roll Half Training Week 6

Wow, over half way through my training schedule for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  Time just seems to be flying by lately.  After the cut back week last week we are ramping things up a bit starting this week.  Going into uncharted territory for me the next three weeks.  I’m pretty excited about it.

Haven’t talked about my weight recently.  I’m holding steady right around 186/187.  I wouldn’t mind dropping a few more pounds before the race next month but I’m not stressing over it.  My nutritionist wanted me to focus on weight loss the first half of training and then proper fueling the last few weeks heading into the race.  Results were good.  Going to be the same plan when I start up training for the Portland Marathon in June.  Going to see if I can knock another 5-10 pounds off over the first few months of training before dialing in the fueling.  Going to be real important for that race!

OK, on to this weeks training.

Monday: Rest as usual. I’m really starting to embrace these rest days now that my runs are getting longer on Sunday.

Tuesday: 7.03 miles, 57:15, 8:08 pace. Thought I was only going six miles today. Typical up too late on Monday and try to squeeze in as much sleep as possible before heading to the gym Tuesday morning kind of day. Ended up a little late for work.  Oopsie!

Wednesday: 6.16 miles, 50:01, 8:07 pace.  Nothing to see here…move along.

Thursday: 7.75 miles, 1:00:23, 7:47 pace.  4 x 1 Mile repeats today. Warm up/.5 recovery/cool down were done at around 9:00 pace.  The mile repeats were done at 6:30 pace.  Pretty aggressive speed session today.  Was pooped but felt good. Always find it funny that I can do mile repeats for longer (4 miles) and at a faster pace (6:30) than my 5K races.

Friday: 6.06 miles, 50:49, 8:23 pace. Weather was supposed to be 60* and sunny.  So decided to move my run to after work.  I like doing this as it gives me a little more recovery time after my Thursday speed work and I have Saturday off.  By the time I got off work, mentally I was not wanting to run.  Luckily I’m at the point now where it doesn’t matter where I am mentally.  If I have a workout scheduled, I just go do it.  Weather didn’t cooperate either.  Was in the low 50’s and drizzly.  I chose the bark path around Glendoveer Golf Course.  Easy on the joints but gives the muscles a good workout. Ended up being my best run of the week.  Felt great the whole time.  Ran into a guy from the gym while running. You know the guy, the one who is always working out when you are and you both do the head nod thing.  When we passed each other (going opposite directions) we both got big ol’ grins on our faces and waved and said hi.  Always enjoy running into workout people in other places.

Saturday: Rest day. I tried to talk the wife into going to the gym today, so glad she said no.  Supposed to be a rest day and I really did need it.

Sunday: 12.61 miles, 1:46:22, 8:26 pace.  Woke up this morning to rain.  Not a huge deal, just don’t like running in crappy weather if I don’t have to. Given that it’s April in the NW and I have a race next weekend, thought better to run in this today just in case I need to run in it again next weekend.  This was not one of those “Oh, I’m so glad I did it” runs.  I hated the rain.  Just cold enough and just enough breeze to make me uncomfortable…not to mention SOAKING wet.  Needed one more layer of clothing to keep the water off my skin.  Lesson learned.  Good run though.  Didn’t finalize my route until I actually left the house.  Ended up down along the Sandy River like usual but took a brief detour before getting down there. My normal river route is only about 9.5 miles so on these longer runs I have to add little side routes to make up for it.

Totals for the week: 39.57 miles (new record), 5:24:50, 8:13 pace.

The next two weeks are 6x a week runs totaling over 40 miles each week.  Then we start winding things down before the race.

Happy Running



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