Rock n’ Roll Half Training Week 5

Cut back week…the second worst week of training next to the taper.  You always want to go harder and longer than you’re supposed to.  Have to keep yourself in check so you can properly recover in preparation for the increase in your workload that is about to take place.

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday: 6.31 miles, 52:02, 8:14 pace.  Typical Tuesday run.  A little sluggish but not too bad.  Weather was nice so spent some time along the Willamette River.

Wednesday: 6.01 miles, 49:05, 8:10 pace.  Another nice day, another run along the river. Changed up the route a bit.  Instead of my start/stop point being in the center of my route, I did a full 3 miles out and back north along the river.  Nice to change up the scenery from time to time.  HOWEVER, I felt real sluggish today.  And residual soreness was a little more present.  I’ve logged a lot of pavement miles the last few weeks. Have a feeling it is taking a tole on my body.  With the weather changing, it’s a good time to move things back to the treadmill.

Thursday: Rest.  This is normally a speed work day. But during the cut back week there is no speed work.  I also do my treadmill work in the morning at the gym to avoid crowds. Given that I had ran the night before and there was no real long run this week (see Sunday) I moved my second rest day from Saturday to today.

Friday: 6.23 miles, 50:04, 8:02 pace.  A little tired still but a good run.

Saturday: 4.98 miles, 40:47, 8:11 pace.  I played around with the treadmill today, using the Ifit features.  Did a prerecorded route that has a display of the route on the screen.  It was a rolling 5ish miles with a virtual display along the California coast.  Was a nice change of pace.  And after two days on the treadmill I was starting to feel a lot better.  Had a little more bounce in my step.

Sunday:  6.22 miles, 49:40, 7:58 pace.  I’m used to doing double digit miles on Sundays, but with cut back week this run was cut in half. Used the Ifit feature on the treadmill again today using the video option to do a 4ish mile run in Hawaii.  Was pretty cool.  Had to do an additional 2 miles to get my full miles in.

Week totals: 29.77 miles, 4:01:39, 8:07 pace.

Here is hoping I rested enough this week as my mileage is about to increase to levels I haven’t ran before.  Next week is 39 scheduled followed by 42.  The second week ends with my first half marathon of the year, Blooms to Brews.  Looking forward to running that distance in a more competitive environment.

Happy Running



2 thoughts on “Rock n’ Roll Half Training Week 5

    • My plan is to use it more as a training run for the Portland Rock n Roll Half. I’m targeting around 8:00/mile pace. If I feel good I might push it a little more than that. Want to finish with a little reserve in the tank so I know I can go harder next month.

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