RnR Half Training Week 4

Another week (and month) in the books.  This week saw nice weather make an appearance.  Gave me a chance to take a couple runs outdoors in some mild, if not warm, weather.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7.01 miles, 56:31, 8:03 pace.  I kept a decent pace on this run but could feel that my legs were a little tired.  Those three hard days in a row from week 3 caught up to me.

Wednesday: 6.13 miles, 49:51, 8:07 pace.  I was off work today so went with my usual 6 mile loop, same one I did the previous Saturday.  Made a concerted effort to go at a slower pace.  8:07 was still faster than I wanted to go, but I felt good, so just went with it.

Thursday: 6.62 miles, 50:04, 7:33 pace.  I had been dreading this workout all week.  One mile warm up, 5 miles at half marathon goal pace (7:00, but was 6:58 on the treadmill) and one mile cool down.  I was working on the web page for the Hot Buns Run 5K the night before and was up way too late, so slept in a little longer than normal.  Plus I got in my head a little bit about the length of the tempo portion of the run.  I ended up cutting my cool down short so I could get ready for work.  Either way you look at it, I wimped out and should just sucked it up and pushed through.

Friday: 6.27 miles, 52:15, 8:19 pace.  Ran along the Willamette River today.  It was right about 70* and sunny.  I remember running in weather like this last year and thinking it still wasn’t warm enough.  Now it’s way too hot!  Sweated my butt off.  Another attempt at keeping the pace down.  Better today, even though I was still shooting for the 8:30.

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday: 11.12 miles, 1:34:26, 8:29 pace.  Pretty much nailed the pace today.  Although I had a little help as I was trying to capture pictures for the #runchathunt scavenger hunt.  Stopped during my run several times to take pictures.  This prevented me from settling into a pace and then pushing.  Felt much stronger towards the end of my run than I normally do.

Weekly Total: 37.18 miles, 5:03:08, 8:09 pace

Monthly Total: 166.35 miles, 22:21:50, 8:04 pace

My highest total miles for a month to date.  I just love seeing the total hours.  When you are out running you really don’t think about that kind of stuff.  Then when you look back at your log you can really see how long you are actually running.

This next week is a cut back week in my training.  Scheduled for 29 miles.  Cut back weeks are built into training to help you recover and usually are followed by more aggressive training.  Basically it gives you a breather before kicking your butt again.

Just three weeks out from my first half marathon this year.  Participating in the inaugural running of the Blooms to Brews.  Looks like a nice flat course out in the country.  I’m treating it as a training run but have 7:45-8:00/mile pace in mind.  Looking forward to my first non 5K race since last fall.

As noted above, and in previous posts from earlier in the week, we have the Hot Buns Run virtual 5K up and ready to go.  This is my main fundraiser for Team in Training as I prepare for the Portland Marathon in October.  All funds raised for Team in Training go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Please take a moment to check out the page.  We would love to have your as part of the event.

Happy Running



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