RnR Half Training Week 3

Week three of training for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon is in the books.  Overall I felt really good this week, which shows in my times.  I have had the need to go back and look at my training log for the last several months and I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made in my distance and time.  I still have a ways to go and hope to keep seeing the same progress. 

Monday:  Rest…I used to hate rest days.  I’m now fully embracing them! 

Tuesday:  6.1 miles, 50:11, 8:07 pace.  Nothing fancy, just a normal run. 

Wednesday:  6.2 miles, 50:05, 8:04 pace.

My wife is dealing with shin splints, so is taking the week off from the gym. So my brain had this crazy idea I could just sleep in and run after work. Weather was crappy so went to the gym…at 6:00PM.  O…M…G!  Keep in mind; I’m usually there between 5-5:30AM.  Totally different environment!  I got my run in and got out of there.  Didn’t even shower. 

Thursday:  Rest

I had planned on running all week in the afternoon.  After Wednesday’s nightmare, I had no desire to go to the gym after work.  Since Thursday’s are speed work day, and I much prefer to do on a treadmill, I ended up changing my rest day from Saturday to Thursday. I don’t really like running with less than 12 between runs unless I’m planning a double, especially if one of those is a speed workout.

Friday:  6.0 miles, 46:08, 7:40 pace.

Speed work today. One mile warm up, four miles at half marathon goal pace which is 7:00 and one mile cool down. Two things of note, on the treadmill you can’t do a 7:00 mile pace, it’s either a little over or a little under.  So I go with a little under at 6:58.  The other is my goal pace. I would love to run a sub 1:30:00 half marathon, which is how I got the 7:00 pace. Realistically, I know I’m probably not going to hit that goal in the next couple of months.  But, I know I can do that pace for 4-6 miles, so why not put in the effort and just see what happens.

Saturday: 6.2 miles, 47:42, 7:41 pace. 

I’m really starting to love runs like this (and Sunday’s below).  I start my run with the mindset of just getting out and seeing what happens. The weather was nice so went outdoors for my normal 6+ route. Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 7:55

Mile 2: 8:05 this includes a nice steep hill that is just shy of ½ mile long.

Mile 3: 7:56

Mile 4: 7:36

Mile 5: 7:28

Mile 6: 7:15

I don’t do negative split runs very often and when I do I’m very excited about it.  They also tend to be some of my better runs for time and how I feel.  You would think I would learn from this.

Sunday: 11.0 miles, 1:24:59, 7:43 pace. 

The original plan was to do my normal Sandy River route run.  The weather was supposed to be beautiful.  Woke up to wind which wasn’t forecasted.  Went back and forth for about 10 minutes on what I was going to do and finally decided to go to the gym. I don’t mind running on the treadmill and don’t feel a need to torture myself just to run outside.  I can handle the cold (actually prefer it now) and the rain really doesn’t bother me, but the wind is usually a deal breaker.

Since I had a pretty aggressive run on Saturday and was going a little longer today than I have been, I was really planning a nice easy run on the treadmill.  Mentally I was prepared for as slow as an 8:30 pace.  At mile 2, that plan was trashed:

 Mile 1: 8:18

Mile 2-6: ~8:00

At this point I was still feeling really good and strong, so decided to start pushing. Each mile I went up .1 on the speed.

Mile 7: 7:55

Mile 8: 7:50

Mile 9: 7:47

At this point I knew I was going to be around 1:25:00 for time, but a little over. So quick math told me what I needed to do the last two miles to be under, so set the pace and went for it.

Mile 10 & 11: 7:19

The best thing is that even after three pretty aggressive workouts in a row I feel fantastic. I don’t even feel like I ran 11 miles today.  Tomorrow could be a different story, but it’s a rest day, so bring it on.

Totals for the week: 35.61 miles, 4:39:05, 7:50 pace (wow!)

Happy running



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