Road ID Product Review

The next product I’m reviewing is probably not something most people outside of the endurance fitness world are that familiar with.  The Road ID identification and emergency information bracelet.

When I first started running I did most of it at the gym or right around the neighborhood, both pretty safe environments.  I really didn’t give much thought to needing something that would help me in an emergency.  I usually have my cell phone and figured I could just call if I needed something.  But what if I’m not able to call do to my condition, my phone is broke in an accident or because I happen to be somewhere where there is no cell reception.  If someone was trying to help me would they know who I am or who to contact?

The Road ID is so simple it’s ridiculous.  It’s a stainless steel identification tag that has designated, laser engraved information on it.   You can choose what information you want on your tag.  Basic information is the most useful; name, date of birth, where you’re from, who to contact in an emergency, etc. They provide you with six lines to put what you feel is appropriate on your tag.  When you are designing your tag online the website does a really nice job of making suggestions as you work through each line.  They even recommend what NOT to put on it.  You wouldn’t think you would need to be told NOT to put your own cell phone number on there, but I’m sure it happens a lot.  I even took their recommendation and used the last line for something inspirational.  In a nod to Ted Spiker and his big announcement for his goal this year, and plus I just really like the saying, I went with “SUCK IT UP PRINCESS” on my last line.

Road ID provides several stylish ways to wear your tag.  There are three different bracelet styles; Sport (I went with this one), Elite (has a nicer, adjustable strap) and Slim (think novelty, like Livestrong, size). In addition you can choose from an ankle bracelet, shoe tag, dog tag style or a pouch for your shoe.  They even have them for pets.  The bracelets come in a nice variety of colors as well.  I had a choice of red, black, blue, yellow, pink and purple.  Since you can swap out the tag for different bracelets I decided to pick up a couple extra and went with red, yellow and black.  Never know when you might want to color coordinate.

It took a little time to get used to wearing a bracelet just because I didn’t wear one before.  But in no time at all I was used to wearing it.  It’s a basic velcro adjustable strap that is pretty comfortable.  Now I don’t even notice I’m wearing it.  I did make the decision to wear mine all the time.  Accidents don’t just happen when out running.

This is without a doubt a must have product for anyone who does any kind of activity outside.  It doesn’t even have to be an endurance sport.  Anyone that travels for a living or pleasure would see value in this bracelet.  And if you are like me and find yourself running out in the middle of nowhere with spotty cell reception this is definitely something you need to add to your arsenal.  There is no downside to this product.  Considering the bracelet only costs $19.99, there is no reason to not own one.

Happy running



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