RnR Half Training Week 2 and Race Reviews

Busy week this week.  First half of the week was my normal training schedule for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  Second half of the week was about trying to reach my goal of breaking 20:00 in the 5K.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 6.2 miles, 47:53, 7:39 pace. This was to be an easy 6 mile run. Weather was nice so ran along the river and actually have plans to run up to 7 miles. Didn’t feel like I was pushing the pace that much but by mile 3 I noticed I was cruising pretty good. When I hit 4.5 miles I knew I had a chance to set a new (although unofficial) PR for a 10K.  So picked up the pace and cruised to a great finish. My official PR is 48:09.

Wednesday: 5.0 miles, 40:55, 8:11 pace. Paid the price for pushing on Tuesday. Felt like I had lead in my shoes today.

Thursday: 7.0 miles, 57:15, 8:10 pace. This workout kicked my butt. 1.5 mile warm up, then 3 one mile repeats at 10K pace (7:00) with half mile recovery, then 1.5 mile cool down.  Hardest part for me was the cool down. I have a bad habit of cutting out early on my cool downs after doing speed work. I was wasted after my repeats but knew that running another mile and a half on dead legs was going to do wonders for my endurance.  I stuck it out and was glad I did.

Friday: 5.0 miles, 43:21, 8:39 pace. After my speed workout the day before and with two races the next two days, I just wanted a nice easy run. I slowed my pace and just tried to run relaxed and not get bored.

Race Reviews

Saturday: Luckython 5K.  This was run on the golf cart path at the Reserve Vineyard and Golf Course.  I had concerns about the number of people running on such a narrow course, but there was maybe 500 people at most and the path was wider than I anticipated and in pretty good shape.  Roni and I walked part of the course before the race to get a feel for it.  I took this picture.  Was very pretty out, which did make for a nice run from that standpoint.


My other concerns about this course was the constant tight turns.  It’s hard to maintain any kind of pace when you always have to slow down to make a turn so you don’t end up on your rump.  Aside from that this was a great course.  Very beautiful and scenic.  Someplace I would love to just go run.

As for how I did. A bad habit I have is going out to fast.  Even though I consciously thought about it today, I did the exact same thing. This time I kept a better eye on my watch and tried to slow down to a better pace.  About the time I got settled into a good pace is when I started hitting the turns.  Those became automatic pace adjusters.

Overall I ended up being pleased with this race.  The course was a little tougher than I planned on it being for what I was trying to accomplish, but was a good experience from a racing standpoint. Have to remember that it isn’t always about the time I post as that will vary from race to race based on conditions.  I ended up placing 5th overall, was 3rd male and won my age group.


Sunday: Portland Shamrock 5K.  I had originally planned to run the 15K today.  My half training called for a 10 mile run so figured a hilly 9.3 mile run while picking up some race swag seemed like a good idea.  A few days before I found out that I could change to the 5K with no hassle.  The course is very flat and would make for a good chase at a PR and possible sub 20:00 if I didn’t get it on Saturday.  So made the decision to do it.

The course didn’t disappoint.  It’s a great course for chasing a PR.  There is a hill just after mile two but it isn’t really that steep and is about half a mile long.  You just have to push through and it helps knowing you go right back downhill to the finish once you crest the top.  The weather turned out to be perfect.  It was damp out from the previous night’s rain but was pretty clear and about 40* at the start.  I got out to a good start, pace a little quick but not as bad as normal.  I tried to settle in and just maintain a steady pace over the flat course.  Ran the first mile on effort at what I thought was a pretty good pace, but when I checked my time at the marker I was a little disappointed.  I felt good but I obviously didn’t have the energy, most likely from racing the day before.  I just sucked it up and kept pushing.

I finished in 21:08, :03 from my PR.  I was 112th overall and 10th in my age group.  I would love to tackle this course again with appropriate rest.  May have to consider it next year.

Totals for the week: 31.76 miles, 4:12:42, 7:57 pace

Everything from this point forward is towards the Rock n Roll Half and Portland Marathon.

Happy running



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