RnR Half Training Week 1

Week one of training for the Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon is in the books.  Have to say, I’m pretty pleased.  Since I’m more focused on my time for this race rather than just finishing, I’ve gone with the Runner’s World advanced training plan.  I wasn’t overly concerned about the training, but there were some lingering doubts.  I’ve now put those to rest and it’s full speed ahead.

Monday:  Rest day

Tuesday:  5.01 miles, 40:31, 8:05 pace.  This is what I call “just a run”. No focus on time, just run at a comfortable pace.

Wednesday:  5.01 miles, 40:21, 8:03 pace.  Just a run.

Thursday:  5.04 miles, 40:03, 7:57 pace. If you saw my post on my Facebook page, you saw me describe this workout as a complete treadmill fail. This was supposed to be my first speed workout, warm up/4 mile tempo/cool down. The treadmill I decided to use was not calibrated correctly. I would guess it was off somewhere between .5-1.0 MPH. I couldn’t judge my speed or how far I had gone.  So just trudged through 5 miles at a good pace and called it a day.

Friday:  6.17 miles, 53:45, 8:42 pace. The weather was very nice this day so decided to run the trail at Glendoveer Gold Course.  It’s a two mile loop with a heavy layer of bark mulch.  It was also still pretty wet from the week’s rain.  I forgot how challenging it was to run on this type of service.  Was a great run and gave me a good workout.


Saturday: 6.07 miles, 50:01, 8:14 pace. During this training plan, Saturday will normally be a rest/cross training day. Since I’m still in pursuit of my sub 20:00 5K goal, which I’m attempting next Saturday at this race, I did one more speed repeat workout. One mile warm up then .5/.25/.1 repeats at 5:53 pace with equal distance of recovery in between, ending with a one mile cool down.  First time I did this workout my pace was 6:15. This workout actually felt “easier” compared to that one. Like to think I’m getting stronger and it will show next weekend.  I also took my possible race day sock attire for a spin. I went with Injinjii socks and Nike compression socks.  I’ve tried both separately but both are a little thin for my comfort.  However, wearing them together felt great.


Sunday: 10.62 miles, 1:27:58, 8:17 pace.  Sunday’s are obviously my long run days. My pace was strong and steady at just over 8:00 until I finished mile 7.  That is when I hit the hill.  It’s pretty steep and right about a mile long.  Totally wiped me out.  But those kinds of things are what will make me stronger in the long run.

Total for the week: 37.94 miles, 5:12:39, 8:14 pace

The last month my pace has dropped by about 30 seconds.  All those winter miles are starting to kick in and I’m reaping the benefits.  Just in time I think.  Feeling pretty confident moving forward.

Made some progress on the weight front this week.  As I tweeted, I broke through the 190 barrier, barely.  But I will take it.  Progress is progress!

Happy running



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