Gu Review

The next product review I have is for Gu.

Gu has a multitude of products geared for endurance athletes. Products to help you fuel before, during and after your workout and products to help in recovery.

I will be there first to admit that I’m a little odd when it comes to fueling and hydration. It was not uncommon for me to not eat or drink anything before going on a run. For my half marathon last fall the only thing I did was grab a couple cups of water during the race.

Now that I have had the chance to give Gu a try my habits have changed quite a bit. Before all my long runs, and most of my speed workouts, I now use a Gu product. For my long runs I’ve been using the Gu Chews before my run and then a Gu Gel during. It’s recommended that you use water (or any other fluid) when using the gels but I find they go down pretty easy without. For my speed workouts I go with a chew or gel before.

I’m definitely a creature of habit. So although there are many different flavors to choose from I’m having a hard time moving away from Vanilla Bean and Peanut Butter in the gels. I really like these flavors. I’ve also tried the Berry which was fine. In the chews I’ve tried the Peach Tea and Blueberry Pomegranate. If you like peach tea then you will like that flavor. The blueberry pomegranate was AWESOME! I could see myself grabbing one of those for a treat.

I’m not much of a recovery drink person, as I try to do that with food. I did try the Recovery Tablets. I went with orange flavored. I also have peach tea, but after the chews I thought I would play it safe. You simply put the tablets in 16 oz of water, let it dissolve, then drink. Kind of looks like Alka Seltzer. If I was in need of replenishing my electrolytes I could see myself using these, but not something I want to drink on a regular basis. The flavor was very bland.

I haven’t had a chance to try all of the Gu products, but overall I’m very happy with the product line. It’s something that is definitely going to be part of me training moving forward. I can definitely tell the difference in my energy level after a certain point when I don’t use them.

Some people are put off by the texture of the gels but I actually like them. To the point where I look forward to using during my run. Almost an incentive to get to a certain point in my run so I can use them.

If you’re thinking about adding any of the energy or recovery products to your training definitely consider using Gu.

Happy running


One thought on “Gu Review

  1. it’s funny how something can quickly transition from “Eh, I don’t really need that stuff…” to a regular part of the routine. It happened the same way with me. Not sure if it’s the gel itself or a mental thing, but all I know is I feel stronger and get slightly better results when I’m using the gels on my runs. I love the Vanilla Bean and the Peanut Butter too. Those are easily my two go-to gels. (Vanilla Bean gets the edge due to the addition of caffeine) Again, every little extra kick in the ass is appreciated with me. Great review!

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