March 3rd Week in Review

Given how bad February went, this week was pretty awesome. In February, I logged my fewest number of runs and my fewest miles since last fall.  I think I just hit the wall and needed some rest.

No news on the weight loss.  Still holding steady.  I was up a pound this week but I blame that on the excessive amount of sushi and calamari I ate last night.  And I also splurged on Baskin Robbins ice cream.  Sometimes you just have to let loose.

Going to be changing up my format for my training.  More detail to be included.  I’ve seen other runners go with this format and I like it.

Monday:  Mondays are usually an off day for me since I am doing my long runs on Sunday.  For a while I was trying to run the day after my long runs.  Why did I stop?  See February.  After my Monday night commitment ends in May, I’m hoping to maybe add a yoga class or something at night.

Tuesday: 5.01 miles in 39:28, 7:52 pace. Since I’m up later than I like on Monday, Tuesdays have been a rest day for me also. I just don’t like running on 6-6.5 hours of sleep.  After looking at my daily schedule some more, I compromised a bit and decided I could sleep in an hour longer and still get a run in.

Wednesday: 4.12 in 35:30, 8:36 pace.  Nice easy run.  I then hit the weights.

Thursday: 5.20 total miles in 40:02, 7:41 pace.  This is a speed day for me.  One mile warm up then did a tempo run of 4 miles at 8.3 mph, then 5 minutes of walking for a cool down.

Friday: In the morning I did 4.23 in 35:03, 8:17 pace followed by weights.  Since the weather was supposed to be warmer than it has been in a while, I wanted to do an afternoon run.  So after I work I did 4.01 in 33:27, 8:19 pace.  Legs were a little heavy to start, but ended up running faster than I planned.

Saturday: 5.52 in 45:36, 8:16 pace.  On Saturdays I do speed repeats.  Workout lately has been as follows: one mile warm up, two 1/2 mile repeats with 1/2 mile recovery jog, two 1/4 mile repeats with 1/4 mile recovery jog, five .1 mile repeats with .1 mile recovery jog, ending with a cool down. Today’s pace on these was 10.1 mph for speed and 6.0 mph for recovery.

Sunday: 10.07 in 1:20:11, 7:58 pace.  I was not feeling it today when I rolled out of bed. No idea what my run was going to be like.  Ended up being one of the best runs I’ve ever had.  Easily a PR for 10 miles.

Total for the week: 7 runs for 38.19 miles with an average pace of 8:06.  This ended up being the most miles I’ve ever ran in a week as well as my fastest average pace.  Take that crappy February!

The big news this coming week is the start of my training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Portland.  This is my first big race of the year and will give me a good idea of where I am for the Portland Marathon.  I’m pretty excited to get this started.

Hoping to have another post up tonight with another product review.

Happy running



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