February 24th Week in Review and Announcement

Boy, what a busy week.  Lots going on outside of running this week.  And oddly enough, was one of my more productive running weeks that I have had in a while.  I got five runs in this week for a total of 31.15 miles.  Was nice to get back over 30 miles.  Now just need to keep it up.

Since this week was so quite I’m going to write about something else in this week’s review.  I was going to do a completely separate post on this but feel this is a good spot.

As most of you already know, I’m signed up for the Portland Marathon, which is on Sunday, October 6th.  This will be my first marathon.  Most people say your goal for your first marathon is to just finish.  If you make it across the finish line and don’t die on the course it should be seen as a success.  As logical as that sounds, and this might just be my ego talking a little, I’m not going to be satisfied with just finishing.

I think a lot about the people who inspire me and push me to be the best I can be, whether they mean to or not:

Roni, my always inspiring wife.  She puts up with my crazy schedule and never complains about any wild idea I get about running.  It seems the more insane my thoughts the more leeway she gives me to succeed.  You can’t ask for more than that.

Professor Ted Spiker, a constant source of inspiration and motivation.  Ted recently lit a fire under me when he announced that he had signed up for the 2013 Florida Ironman race.  An absolutely, freaking awesome undertaking.  I’m so fired up for him.  He is really putting himself out there to accomplish something that very few people have.  I’m 100% behind him and know he is going to do great!

The last person I want to recognize is someone I’ve recently reconnected with from my childhood.  The last time I actually saw Brad Nowell we were in high school.  I was always a little in awe of him as he seemed so gifted physically.  He participated in several sports, but I mostly remember him from cross country and track.  He ran so effortlessly and seemed to just glide along.  I envied his ability to run.  I don’t want to share too much of Brad’s story as I feel it just wouldn’t be right, but Brad has been battling cancer for several years now.  I think about him quite often when I’m running.  He is constantly sending me uplifting and encouraging messages.  I always look forward to those as it lets me know he is still in the fight.

So I’m revamping my goal for the Portland Marathon.  If you follow running at all, especially marathons, you know there are certain marathons that are considered the elite races: New York, Chicago and Boston are the three most people are familiar with.  Those races attract tens of thousands of people every year.  Boston is so popular that you must actually qualify by time to run in it.  And that is my goal for Portland.  My goal is to run the Portland Marathon in a time that would qualify me for the Boston Marathon.

I’ve shared this with a few people already.  In the same sentence they told me that I was out of my freaking mind and that I must absolutely try to do this.  I couldn’t agree more…on both accounts.

26.2 miles.  3 hours, 15 minutes and 59 seconds is my goal time.  7:27 per mile pace.  I can do all three of those…just have to make myself believe that I can do all three of them at the same time.  If you follow my workouts you’ve seen me hashtag (#) a few things after my workouts. #HFS stands for HARDER FASTER STRONGER. And my new one is a take on C25K, which is the Couch to 5K program that so many people use.  #C2BQ, which stands for Couch to Boston Qualifier.  If I’m successful, I will go from a 295 pound, TV addicted couch potato to a qualified for Boston marathon runner in less than two years.

Insane?  Maybe.  Overconfident?  Again, maybe.  Scared out of my mind at the thought of trying to do this?  ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY!!!!

Happy running



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