Weekly Roundup for February 17th

I’m a day late with my weekly post.  After my long run yesterday I pretty much just lied around and watched TV the rest of the day.  But, it was AFTER my run so I’m OK with that.

Last week was brutal.  It all started with my run last Sunday.  I had planned to go about 8 miles and only made it 6 before my back started giving me problems.  I’ve been in a habit lately of taking Monday and Tuesday off so figured a couple days of rest would set me straight.  I did 4 miles on Wednesday but it was a horrible run.  I had to push through just to get to 4.  So, aside from those 4 miles about all I did last week was go to work and stay in bed.

By Friday morning I was feeling pretty good.  I went for a quick 2 mile run before work just to shake out the cobwebs.  My body felt pretty good throughout the day so back to business on Saturday.  I did 6.2 miles on Saturday and another 9.5 on Sunday.  The Sunday run didn’t feel that great but I think it had more to do with how hard I ran on Saturday than anything.

Getting a massage today so hoping to work out the final kinks.

I mentioned previously that I may be getting a chance to review some products related to running.  Well, that is definitely happening.  I’m going to be reviewing Gu, Injinji socks and Road ID.  I’ve ordered my Road ID so just waiting for that to come in.  I’ve used the Gu a couple of times and a pair of the Injinji socks once.  I want to take adequate time with each before doing my reviews.  Looks for those to come in the near future.

Quick check of the calendar shows that we are 90 days out from the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, 142 days from our trip to Grand Cayman and 230 days until the Portland Marathon.  All about seeing where you are on your journey to your goals.  Hope everyone has taken the time to not only make their 2013 goals but also put down in writing how you are going to achieve those goals.  Without a plan, a goal is just a dream.

Happy running!



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