Weekly Roundup

What a week. My body feels like I put in 50+ miles this week but I barely cracked 20. Amazing how increasing your speed can put a pounding on you. Was pleased with my paces this week, even if I did have to cut all my runs a little short. Hopefully next week I can keep the mileage up where it belongs.

I did try fueling this week for the first time. I tried Gu energy gels. Taste want bad and was pleased with the effect. Felt like I had more energy to get through my runs. Saw a bigger impact on my 14 mile run last Sunday. Had good energy well past mile 10. In fact mile 12 was my fastest.

Saw some weight loss this week. Down to 190.1. Hoping to get below 185 before my race on March 16th. Maybe even down to 180. At that point my weight loss would be done. No desire to go lower than that.

Hope everyone had a good productive week. Six weeks into the new year. Hope you haven’t given up yet. It’s ok to stumble just don’t give up. All that matters is what you do today. Get after it!
Happy running


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