My quest for 19:59

My goal for the 5K coming into 2013 was to break 23:00.  On January 6th at the Resolution Run I went 21:15.  Instead of sitting back and feeling good about blowing my goal out of the water, I decided I should just readjust my goal.  I want to break 20:00.

I raced this last weekend feeling ok with my chances.  I did PR (21:05) but am still a long ways from breaking 20:00.  It was then that I realized that I might actually have to work to achieve this. Hmm, who would have guessed that!

I’ve targeted a race.  The 2013 Luckython 5K being held at The Reserve Vineyards and Gold Club in Aloah, OR (

The race is 40 days from today.  The next 40 days everything I do will be focused on that race.  I’m going to be more diligent about my diet and see if I can drop 10-15 pounds.  I’m going to take my workouts much more serious than I have been.  It’s obvious that my hard days have not really been that hard.  It’s time to put in a little pain.  Time to find out how bad I want this.

Time to find out what this old, fat man has in the tank!


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