January Review

Something I would really like to get in the habit of doing is a monthly review.  So here goes…

My weight.  I’ve tried to get in the habit of weighing myself on Monday morning recently.  I’m close enough to my goal weight that I don’t need to be stressing over it constantly by weighing myself…yes, I’m still working on that.  I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed it at 192.8.  My miles were down a little this month (more on that in a minute) and I know my diet hasn’t been stellar.  I have 185 as my target weight.  Nothing special about that weight but seems like a good place to start.  I have some serious miles coming up over the next 8 or 9 months so that could go up or down depending on how much I eat.

Training.  I crept over 120 miles for the month.  Fourth month in a row over 100 miles but 30 less than last month.  My training for the Rock n’ Roll half marathon in Portland starts in 32 days.  I’ve gone with a more advanced training plan which calls for more miles and some harder miles.  Right now I’m going back and forth over how intense I want to “train” this month.  I think a lot of what I will do this month will depend on my performance tomorrow at the Roaring River 5K.  I really want to break 20:00 minutes for the 5K this year.  Training for a half marathon and a full marathon doesn’t leave much time to train for shorter distances, which is a lot more speed work. I will post a recap of the race on Sunday which should include a clearer picture of my goals for the month.

Medical update.  As I tweeted yesterday, I met with the cardiologist.  Says my murmur is nothing to be concerned with and is fairly common.  No structural defects so no worries.  The left ventricular hypertrophy is directly related to the high blood pressure I have had for way too long.  She believes that by increasing my medication it should bring my blood pressure down and the LVH should improve.  No need to make any changes to my training.  In fact, she said that all the changes I’ve made the last year have probably done more good than any medication they could put me on.  Yeah me!  Going to keep monitoring my blood pressure, follow up in three months and maybe do a new echocardiogram in a year.  I’ve also scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist.  Won’t meet with them until next month.  My main goal is to get a better grasp on fueling for my training.  Even though I’m still able to lose weight my diet is pretty much garbage.

Goals for this month.  As I noted before, depends on my 5K time tomorrow.  Either way, I want to hit the weights more.  I’m actually starting to see some results.  Pretty encouraging.  Need to be more consistent though.  If I hit my time tomorrow I might back off the running frequency and just up the mileage each run, which I really need to do anyways.  Then hit the weights good 3 or 4 days a week.  Keep doing my planks and push ups every day.  Started a challenge with the Sub 30 group and did most of January without missing a day.  And I still REALLY need to start doing yoga!  I need to find a class, won’t do it at home.

Until Sunday when I do my recap..

Happy running




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