Non scale victory

Halsey Street Bridge 1-20-13

The subtext of my blog is random thoughts while running. I have quite a few thoughts when I’m out running, especially when I’m on my long runs like today. Unfortunately, those thoughts tend to leave my mind almost as quick as they show up.

One thing that has been on my mind the last few days is non scale victories. These are achievements that you make that may not be showing up on your scale. Getting into a smaller pair of jeans when the scale says you weight the same is a good example.

My non scale victory is a little more personal…possibly TMI. No, it’s not THAT bad. It’s about my “moobs”. Any guy that has been significantly overweight knows all about moobs. For those of you that don’t, they are male boobs.

Mine have never been overly big, but enough that it bothered me. As you know I’ve added strength training to my workouts. Been doing this for most of January. The last few days I’ve noticed a change in my moobs. They have decreased in size and have gotten rounder as the muscle I have added is pulling them more taught. Even my nipples are moving more to the side. I know, TMI, but this is WAY cool for me. It helps keep me motivated with the strength training.

My weight today was 194.2. My post earlier in the week I had crept back up over 198. Now I know my weight fluctuates a good 5-6 pounds depending on what my body is doing. But is still good to see the lower number. And I know I’ve added muscle so double bonus.

I’m backing off the lower body weights a bit. My knees were not happy with me and it showed in my running this week. Didn’t make it past the 30 mile mark for the week (29.89!). Given how my knees felt this week, especially on my long rung today, not a big deal.

Race coming up next Saturday. Doing a 5K. Hoping to break the 21:00 mark and if I’m feeling good maybe 20:00. Would be nice to do that before I start training for my longer races this year.

Happy running!


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