I gained how much?

Given where I’m at with my weight loss, I’m trying to only weigh myself once a week. Just to give me a snapshot of where I am at that moment. Given that I still need to lose some weight I fully expect to see a drop each week.

Today, the scale and I had a little disagreement. In fact, I actually weighed myself on Saturday and was encouraged with my progress. So the number that flashed today made it even more discouraging. It was so bad that I actually weighed myself three times throughout the morning just in case the scale was having an attitude. No, it didn’t help much.

Once I was resigned to the fact that what that number was today wasn’t going to change, I tried to fend off the self doubt with all the things I’ve read and shared with everyone. About how the scale doesn’t dictate or even sometimes show the work we put in. How it’s just a number and doesn’t define us. About non scale victories.

Then I proceeded to get dressed. I slid on my size 32 jeans, easily buttoned them up and gave serious consideration to putting on a belt.

Not everything shows on a scale.


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