They’re trying to kill me…

Troutdale Road

Things really seem to be taking off for me this week in my training. I’m really trying to embrace strength training. I’ve always said that I just don’t enjoy it. What I really don’t enjoy is how pathetically weak I am in the upper body. I’m 6’2″, almost 200 pounds (holy crap, I said almost…stick shocking to me!), I should be able to bench press more than 100 pounds. I’m trying to check my ego at the door and do what needs to be done.

The running group I belong to on Facebook, The Sub-30 Club (from RW Big Guy Blog), has started a plank/push-up a day challenge. For January you have to do a 30 second plank and at least 10 push-ups. Today I completed day 4. That, along with the circuit training I have been doing at the gym the last couple of weeks, is already starting to make a difference. My push-ups have better form and I’m able to do them easier.

Seems like Christmas has been non stop the last few weeks. First I picked up my new Nike+ GPS watch. It makes recording my runs so much easier. Don’t have to fiddle with the applications on my Ipod/Android Phone. Then this week my new shoes came in and I picked up my first pair of running tights. Gave those a test run this morning. It was sunny and 27* and I was loving it. Felt so good on my run this morning. Wishing I would have bought tights sooner.

The title for this week is “They’re trying to kill me”. It’s kind of how I’m feeling at the end of this week. Between the strength training, the plank/push-up challenge and a new speed workout that the Zen Master Spiker gave to us, I’m feeling a little beat up. Just means I put in some good work this week. Just have to remind myself that what is hard now will be my warm up very soon!

My tag line for this year is HARDER FASTER STRONGER! Put in the time, put in the effort, get the results!

Happy running


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